Placote- The Case of the missing Carrots (english)

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Objectif : “Why?” Questions

Something’s not right: the carrots have disappeared from the vegetable garden. Let’s find out why! Put on your detective’s hat and head to the garden to find the culprit. Get ready: You’ll have to answer plenty of questions along the way.

The Case of the Missing Carrots is designed to help children aged 3 to 5½ develop their understanding of "why" questions. Players use illustrated question-and-answer cards to self-check their answers, making learning a snap!

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Everyone knows that children around age 3 can’t get enough of asking "why" questions. While this can be exhausting for parents, it’s crucial to children’s development.

Understanding "why" questions and asking them repeatedly help children acquire new knowledge and develop reasoning skills. The Case of the Missing Carrots was specially designed to help develop comprehension of “why” questions for children 3 and up. The game also includes more complex questions, so it can be fun and worthwhile for children as old as 5½.

The cards children pick throughout the game depict images, which help put the questions in context. Children can selfcheck their answers on the back of the cards, or use them as hints for forming answers. All questions have been carefully selected as likely to be accessible to children ages 3 to 5½.

It’s also well known that, after age 3, children take more pleasure in imaginary stories. Games that represent a break from the routine become increasingly interesting at this age. The Case of the Missing Carrots is one such game, as it places kids in an imaginary context: a garden whose carrots have disappeared, with several different animals who may be responsible. Kids always enjoy an opportunity to "play detective!" The storyline works to motivate children to answer questions in order to reach their goal.